CF Cards

CF storage cards are based on the Parallel ATA interface (PATA). These products are used in Professional Imaging, both for still and video recording markets. These products are preferred by professionals for both their performance and their handling characteristics.

CF cards come in either Type I (3.3mm) or Type II (5.0mm) and have the following dimensions.

Length 36.4 mm
Width 42.8 mm
Thickness Including Label Area 3.3 mm / 5.0 mm

CF storage cards are also used widely in the industrial and communications market, due to their robustness and handling quality.

The high level performance capability of CF storage cards continues to improve with each version. To get the most out of your CF card purchase, match or exceed the host (camera) capability with the CF storage card version. For camera use, both the write speed in camera and the read speed for later image processing should be considered.

Compliant CF cards are self-tested for interoperability by CFA member manufacturers. Such cards display one of the following logos:

alt CF 4.1a products are widely available at speeds up to 90 MB/s sequential access speed. Compliant CF Cards implementing CF 4.1a use this logo.
CF 5.0 products include more efficient commands along with support for Trim operations providing consistent speed. Compliant CF Cards implementing CF 5.0 display this logo.
The CF 6.0 specification implements UDMA7 which provides higher performance bus speeds up to 167MB/sec along with support for the new Sanitize command (the ultimate card refresh). (will need to update with 6.1 extended capacity message and 6.1 distinguisher)