CFexpress Cards

CFexpress cards are based on the PCIe® Gen 3 interface and uses established NVMe™ protocols to  offer better efficiency, optimized power and performance for professional imaging and video markets.

There are 2 releases of the CFexpress specification: 1.0 and 2.0

CFexpress 1.0 utilizes NVMe™ 1.2 stack and is limited to a single form factor (Type B). 

CFexpress 2.0 employs NVMe™ 1.3 stack while also offering 2 additional form factors.

Type A: 20mm (width) x 28mm (length) x 2.8mm (thickness, including label area) 

Type B: 38.5mm (width) x 29.6mm (length) x 3.8mm (thickness, including label area)
Type B cards have the same dimension and connector as XQD cards.  Some host devices may choose to update their XQD cameras to also  support CFexpress Type B cards

Type C: 54mm (width) x 74mm (length) x 4.8mm (thickness, including label area)

CFexpress Version 2.0


  Type A  Type B  Type C



20.0 x 28 x2.8mm


29.6 x 38.5 x3.8mm


54.40 x 74.10 x6.0mm



PCIe Gen.3 x1


PCIe Gen.3 x2


PCIe Gen.3 x4


NVMe 1.3 NVMe 1.3 NVMe 1.3


8Gbps (1GB/s)   16Gbps (2GB/s)   32Gbps (4GB/s)

Format ReleaseDate


Feb.28 2019(Ver.2.0)

Apr. 2017(Ver.1.0)

Feb. 28, 2019(Ver.2.0)


Feb., 2019(Ver.2.0)



CFexpress 1.0 cards are limited to the Type B product size and utilize NVMe™ 1.2 stack.  Compliant CFexpress 1.0 cards will use this logo


CFexpress 2.0 cards are differentiated by form factor and performance capability improves with  each form factor size in conjunction with the number of PCIe® lanes.

Only CFexpress 2.0 cards may offer CFA-tested video performance guarantee (VPG)

  CFexpress A  

CFexpress Type A cards support speeds up to 1000MB/s.  Compliant CFexpress Type A cards will use this logo.

  CFexpress B

CFexpress Type B cards support speeds up to 2000MB/s.  Compliant CFexpress Type B cards will use this logo

  CFexpress C  

CFexpress Type C cards support speeds up to 4000MB/s.  Compliant CFexpress Type C cards will use this logo