Membership Benefits

Participation in the development of open standards within the CompactFlash Association saves member companies money and time, providing close insight into the industry’s roadmap and helping them avoid investing in the wrong direction. Membership also provides access and insight into associated standards directions including Parallel ATA (PATA), SATA, and PCIe. Membership also allows influence on the current and future standards in development, and a competitive advantage over companies that don’t participate. Valuable business relationships with customers and competitors are another benefit to membership.

Any company that is or plans to manufacture, implement, or use CFA products should consider membership in the CompactFlash Association.

Membership Levels

There are two levels of membership in the CompactFlash Association; Executive and Affiliate.

Executive Membership

Executive members provide the direction of the association by approving the by-laws, mission statement and other organizational documents, as well as voting on all technical and marketing issues. Executive Members are eligible for Board of Directors and committee chair positions.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members will be able to access, as licensees, documents including various technical specifications and guidelines related to all CFA proposals, in order to develop, manufacture, and sell products compliant with those specifications and guidelines. In addition, Affiliate members will be able to participate in all conferences, work groups and events administered by the CompactFlash Association.

Affiliate dues are $2,500 per year and Executive dues are $5,000 per year.

Recruitment of new CFA members is a major marketing goal of the organization. CFA membership is presently approximately 80 companies. The CFA includes a board of directors, a technical committee, a compatibility compliance committee, a marketing committee and a variety of technical work groups. All committees and work groups are open to all members.

Please download a CFA Membership Application, fill out and mail it. If you prefer you can call the CFA at 650-843-1220 or contact us to receive a CFA membership application by fax. You can also check Bylaws of CompactFlash Association.